Deciding On Nicotine Examination Package To Perform Insurance Related Medical Checks

Performing nicotine test as component of pre-insurance medical checkups is actually a common practice by insurer. Today, a range of nicotine exam packages are actually accessible out there creating it easy for insurer to perform smoking examination without the requirement to find the support of physician. However, deciding on trusted sets that successfully find pure nicotine consumers is แล็บ vital for correct selection creation.

This short article gives you a crystal clear photo on various pure nicotine test packages, their operating principle and also the pros and cons to help you select reputable ones.

Functioning principle:

Nicotine exam sets work with the concept of antigen-antibody response or immunoassay reaction. In absence of smoking, the antitoxin freely goes and also binds along with the antigen, colors it, as well as thereby presents an unfavorable result. In existence of nicotine, the antitoxin may certainly not tint the antigen as cotinine protects against the antitoxin coming from tinting the antigen, as well as hence shows a favorable end result. The exact same concept obtains packages utilizing urine, saliva as well as blood as examples.


Four types of these kits are on call to spot existence of nicotine/cotinine in smokers. These feature those utilizing pee, saliva, hair as well as blood as exam samples. Let our team explain each briefly.

– Smoking urine exam kits

The example used is urine.
The urine test is actually non-invasive and gives quick end results – in lower than five minutes.
It has a diagnosis home window of 2-4 times that is actually, presence of nicotine may be found approximately 2-4 days after use.

– Pure nicotine saliva examination kit

The example utilized in this particular spit.
It is non-invasive.
Discovery home window is actually of 1-4 days.
It is extra dependable than urine exam

– Nicotine hair exam.

In this particular, hair roots are actually made use of as sample.
The detection home window is actually 90 times.
Hair example around of 1.5 in long is actually taken as well as is actually sent out to laboratory for prognosis.
Offers precise results.
It is actually seldom made use of by insurer because of its higher cost.

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